motts boxing camp

The Motts 58 boxing camp was developed in collaboration with Sportivo-Chicago to provide a program for children aged 7 to 15 to enjoy physical activity in a structured and nurturing environment. Citizenship and a positive mental outlook is stressed and this is combined with a program to develop confidence and basic self-defense skills. The children are taught basic boxing techniques and agility by professional boxers to stress the value of practice and discipline in achieving success. The children begin with a basic tutorial on footwork and exercises focused on improving endurance and overall health before moving on to tutorials on boxing skills. The classes are weekly and children are enrolled in Saturday morning or Wednesday evening classes.

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Mario "Motts" Tonelli Esophageal Function Lab

On November 11th, 2011, we honored the memory and legacy of Mario “Motts” Tonelli by dedicating the Esophageal Function Laboratory in his name.  The Esophageal Function Laboratory at Northwestern Medicine is a world renown center of excellence in research in disorders of the esophagus.  The center has a focus on educating trainees from around the world and it is fitting that Mario Tonelli be attached to this important component of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.  Mr. Tonelli was a patient of Dr. Pandolfino, who was the first official director of the Esophageal Function Lab in the Galter Pavillion at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Pandolfino petitioned to have the center named after Mr. Tonelli in recognition of his heroic service to his country during World war II and his tireless advocacy for young people in the city of Chicago.  The Northwestern Memorial Foundation was generous enough to grant this dedication and they have been a strong supporter of the efforts of the Esophageal Center at Northwestern and the Motts 58 Foundation. 

Motts58 Foundation Founder, Dr. John Pandolfino,
dedicates the Mario “Motts” Tonelli Esophageal Function Lab
on November 11th 2011- Veteran’s day.


Nancy Reynolds and Mary,
daughter and granddaughter of Mario Tonelli